The New Stone Age

by: W & W Flooring
The New Stone Age

Gone are the days when you would pay a fortune to get the luxurious look and feel of stone flooring. There are many new flooring and accent options that can give you a historic ambiance without breaking the bank. Add style to your home and learn new ways to decorate with a stone that feels ancient yet still provides a modern feel.

A French Entryway

Impress your guests with an elegant, welcoming French entryway stone flooring for your foyer or mudroom. Arched doorways are also a great way to add stone accents for added height and dimension. Add light neutral colors for a calming feel such as grey, light pinks or beige. Doing so not only brightens the entry room but helps set forth the classic or country cottage interior look you may be going for.

Hallways and More

Stone here, stone there, stone everywhere! Fill your halls that are led by arched doorways and extend out with stone as you make your way through. Stone is known to look outstanding against hallways and sconces. Also, don’t forget to accent your fireplace and surround it with stone for a focused accent wall.

English Porcelain Effect

Stone tiles are great for flat-surfaced living room and bedroom settings. If you are going for a modern English look, a porcelain effect will instantly add just that. Consider adding grey or neutral undertones for a master entrance. An additional gleam of light on the stone tile can easily be combined with a gorgeous pearl top finish.

Cobblestone Bathrooms

Nothing beats adding texture as you walk across your bathroom floors with cobblestone flooring. The unique natural pattern pulls the look together with different size stones and works excellently against water, plus the method is very quick-drying. You can be creative and take the cobblestone up to your wall as a backsplash, an accent wall and even inside your shower stall for added depth. Stone showers look beautiful and the types of stones you can pick come in many different shapes and colors.

Go Rustic in the Kitchen

Rustic flooring and backsplashes pair perfectly with stone in your kitchen. Add an array of layers around your kitchen island with stone or an accent wall around your mounted ray hood to also serve as a backsplash. Make it a lovely detail by naturally bringing out the colors from your countertops to flow with the rest of the colors from your stone.

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