Coastal Décor Ideas for Your Home

by: W & W Flooring

With summer nearing, freshening up your home with simple coastal décor can accentuate your beautiful floors, walls, and furniture pieces. Whether you live near a lake, beach or simply want a crisp and clean look, these coastal design ideas will leave you and your guests feeling refreshed and at home.

Linen for an airy Feel

Keep your furniture colors neutral with bright whites for a bigger looking space and add linen material for aesthetic textures such as your curtains, bed sheets, comforters, or couch. The linen touch will add an airy feel and is also easy to clean. Not to mention letting some natural air in by opening up those windows.

Add a little Blue

Adding accents of blue will give you a pop of color to the rest of your neutral color pallet furniture. Have some fun and add different designs for your pillows on your couch or bed such as nautical stripes, blue floral patterns or keep it simple with an overall blue. The blue color helps tie in the colors of the water so do not be afraid to add different hues of blue and keep the calm vibes going.

Wicker Baskets/Stools

Add more seating with wicker stools for your living room and fill up your wicker basket with any extra pillows or throws for your bedroom. The wicker material helps bring out the colors of your floors while also incorporating coastal trending style. A small size wicker basket also pairs well with your bathroom for more toiletry storage.

Seashell Wall Art is a Classic

Create the scenery on your walls by adding sea shell portraits. Consider mixing in anchor boat or beach wall art to elevate your space. For an easy DIY, collect an assortment of real seashells and glue them onto a shadowboxed frame to display on your walls.

Lanterns and Greenery

Set the mood and place neutral colored lanterns on coffee tables, side tables, nightstands and even your floors. Light up the room even more and add height by placing greenery such as palm leaves on a vase or a small palm tree in the corner of the room of your choosing.

Tie It Together with a Small Wicker Area Rug

Let your floors do the talking and add a wicker material area rug to bring out the natural accents and style of your coastal home. Placing a small rug just enough to cover the area under your coffee table or beside your bed will add texture and add the perfect final touch. Remember to always protect your floors and include a pad underneath any area rugs.

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