Foley, AL

Foley, Alabama, is an exuberant city that is flourishing on the southern borders of Alabama on the beautiful Gulf Coast. Its founder, John B. Foley, came from Chicago in 1901 and purchased 50,000 acres of land to begin what is now Magnolia Land Company. In 1905, Foley built the first railroad station to travel from Foley to Bay Minette, Alabama. Soon after that, the city became the southern hub spot for shipping agricultural goods. John B. Foley’s efforts were the framework that helped construct what the city is today. Since its founding in 1905, Foley has become a thriving visitor town with much to do in the city and its surrounding areas.  

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The City of Foley settles on a coastal region that is highly dependent on tourism revenue. Despite fluctuating tourism rates throughout the years, Foley has managed to continue to see immense growth for businesses and the community. Foley is home to almost 19,000 people. The city is popular for its recreational attractions and its close distance to neighboring sister cities, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. Located less than ten miles from the Gulf of Mexico, Foley is the gateway to Alabama’s beautiful Gulf Coast. From museums and local shops to all of its hiking/biking trails and parks, Foley has plenty to offer.
Economic development in Foley has peaked throughout the recent years. Located in Baldwin County, the fastest growing county in Alabama, Foley has easily become one of the fastest growing cities. A business looking to relocate or expand can view Foley’s location as a beneficial factor when trying to upgrade. It is located less than an hour from sizeable cities like Mobile and Pensacola.  Its honorable schools, temperate climate and engaging community make Foley the center of it all. The city has been recognized as an Alabama Communities of Excellence destination.
Recently, Foley has began to refurbish and implement new framework to developments and planted staples of the city. New additions like the Foley Beach Express, the OWA amusement park and the Foley Sports Tourism Complex has fastened the status as a destination city. The Foley Sports Tourism Complex was a $34 billion project that features a 90,000-square-foot facility to house 12 volleyball courts and six basketball courts, along with 16 soccer fields. This unique addition proposes that within the following years to come that Foley will be the leading ultimate sports tourism destination in the southeast region.
A historic past and a new mission for the city is a recipe for the beginning of an exciting future for Foley and its residents. Exciting events, services and activities are sure to captivate and entertain you while you visit. There are many reasons why people flock to Foley, Alabama. Come, relax and explore Foley to see what all the fuss is about.
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