Choosing the Color of Your Flooring

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Choosing the Color of Your Flooring

With so many options to choose from, determining the best color for your flooring can help you feel confident and at ease, knowing you made the right choice. Consider these factors to keep in mind when making the final decision. The goal is for you to feel at home and love the end reveal of your selection.


The Lighting In-Store is Different from Your Home

All colors of flooring have different undertones under a particular light. For example, white oak wood flooring can sometimes appear slightly golden brown or grey. Depending on your lighting at home (such as natural light coming in from your windows at daytime or lighting coming from your lamps, ceiling fans, chandeliers or recessed lighting), it can initially affect the way you see color. Our showroom is brightly lit with recessed lighting so that you can get a feel of the actual color you are looking at. However, this same lighting we use at W&W Flooring and Design may not be the same in your home, so be sure to take that factor into account when looking at samples/catalogs.


Consider Overall Wall/Furniture Colors

When focusing on your floor color, you may forget the aura of the surrounding area of your space, such as colors coming from your walls or furniture color pieces. By knowing what colors you are already working with, you can work around those to weigh your options on color matching or accentuating the floor color. If you plan on installing the floor before you paint, consider that it may be harder not to stain the floor as painting can get messy.


Expand Your Color Palette to Fit Your Comfort

There are certain stains you may be more drawn towards putting in some regions of your home. From classics like oak to trendy colors like grey, you can choose from an arrangement of colors to fit your comfort for different rooms. You can make it as unique to add character to a space that needs it, or keep it simple for a more contemporary feel. Add bright pops of color like blue to kitchen tiles or stick with colors you find appealing to match the mood you are envisioning.


Go for a Color Scheme or Style If Undecided

You can find plenty of inspiration and floor designs by browsing our custom work. But if you are having a hard time choosing color, you can always refer to a specific color scheme or style. If you have an open floor plan, for example, you may want to consider choosing neutral colors such as soft greys to keep the rooms looking airy and spacious. For a more homey and farm-style feel, darker wood colors such as chestnut can help the space feel more private and enclosed, while still having bright colors as accents in cabinets or decor.


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