Where to Install Backsplash In Your Home

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Where to Install Backsplash In Your Home

The kitchen and bathrooms are the most common areas you will find backsplashes, but there are many unique options where you can add personality and style throughout your home as well. From different types of tile to cobblestone material, you will have fun adding little details that make a big difference. 


Laundry Room

Whether you have a small or large laundry room, there is always room for a backsplash. Hide worn or bare walls with some added character to bring out your washer/dryer and any cabinetry around it. Subway tile is a perfect way to help make your space look clean, spacious and inviting to tackle that load!


Around the Fireplace

Revamp your fireplace and make it the center of attention in your living room or master bedroom with a little touch of backsplash. Choose from intricate designs for a stunning view against any crown molding or add cobblestone for a cozy feel from its surrounding borders. Feel free to take it up a notch and cover beyond the fireplace mantel for added height against the wall.


As an Accent Wall for Shelves

Make your display on your shelves stand out with an accent wall full of beautiful marble mosaic or mineral tiles. Marble mosaic is a classic style that will have your items looking like they are from a museum. Hints of gold or pops of your favorite color on mineral tiles add character to the accent wall in your office or hallway. The choices of patterns and styles are endless, so you can design it exactly how you want.


Accentuate Appliances/Window Treatments

Aside from ordinary backsplash on kitchen walls, accentuating the range hoods above the stove with glass tile instantly refreshes the room. Any arched windows treatments around your home can also have backsplash around crown molding as an outline to define and frame architectural structures. Even inside of the bathroom sink is a unique way to add some color and pattern that will have your guests staring in awe.


Behind the Bar/Coffee Nook

The areas behind the bar and coffee nooks can be rather dark on the walls because no light reaches it. But by adding a backsplash, you can liven up the area the next time you reach for that drink. Add glass tile for that extra shine when any light hits it or make it simple with subway tile.



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