What to Do with Extra Flooring Material

What to Do with Extra Flooring Material

Flooring is an investment, so when you realize you bought too much of it or have some material left over, you may want to save the scraps for something useful like another project. Start on easy DIY projects like the ones mentioned here and see what your extra flooring material can do for you.


Wall Wood Plank

Make a statement piece by adding an accent wall in your bedroom, entry nook or office. Depending on the amount of wood you have left and how big the wall you want to fill up is, you can get an idea of where you want the wood plank to go. Cut the boards using a miter saw as necessary for easy line-ups and use a nail gun to fasten each piece securely. Remember to begin from the bottom up with the board’s tongue facing up and grooves facing down. Before you know it, you will have reclaimed wood that looks amazing against any headboard, desk or shoe shelves.


Coat Rack

You can never have too many hooks for extra space and on-the-go access. Using a wood plank,  attach and nail hooks that you can find at your local hardware or craft store. Find the best spots to hang the wood plank, such as on a wall beside your light switch, a front entry nook area or beside your basement/garage entryway. This DIY coat rack works great in kids’ bedrooms for easy sweater and backpack hangups after school. Feel free to sand and paint the wood to your desired color.


Staircase Remodel

Leading up to your staircase, you may find that your carpet runner is slightly dirty and in need of replacement. These high-traffic areas are perfect for easy-to-clean flooring. This will give your stairs a modern approach without breaking the bank. Remove any existing carpet and nails, then measure each piece to fit accordingly. Attach new treads while filling any nail holes as needed. Add wood putty and coat the treads to finish. This easy re-do is a staircase makeover anyone will love.


Framed Prints

Extra laminate flooring? Add works of art to your walls with framed prints made right from your additional flooring material. Cut the edges of the flooring planks and make the tongue and groove lock their edges with the other pieces. Use liquid nails to attach the backing of the portrait and mod podge your desired photo.


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