How To Remove Scuff Marks From Your Hardwood Floors

How To Remove Scuff Marks From Your Hardwood Floors

Whether your hardwood floors are brand new or decades old, it’s likely that they’ve collected their fair share of scuff marks over time. But there’s no need to stress! This isn’t the end of the world. There’s plenty of ways to remove those scuffs and get your floors back to looking polished and perfect.

 First and foremost, it’s important to remember to be gentle. You may walk across these floors all day, but that doesn’t mean that they can handle all abrasive textures or chemical cleaners. Be gentle to your hardwood floors with the products you choose for it and with your own actions. Be careful not to turn a scuff mark into a scratch. 

There are a few easy ways to get rid of scuffs that you most likely already have laying around the house. One might be on your foot right now—your shoe! Rubber-soled shoes are actually extremely helpful when it comes to getting rid of scuffs. Just twist it over the scuff a few times, and notice as the scuff mark is cleared away.

You can also use a regular pencil eraser in this way to remove scuffs. You can also look in your kitchen cabinets for a scuff-removing miracle. A simple mixture of baking soda and water is actually a great cleaner for scuff marks. All you need to do is combine a little bit of baking soda and water together until it becomes a paste-like texture, then use a cloth or toothbrush to run it over the mark. Make sure to rub along the grain of the wood to keep your floor looking its best!

There’s also a scuff removal tool in your bathroom! Toothpaste works very similarly to the baking soda mixture mentioned previously, and all you have to do is place a tiny amount on a toothbrush (preferably not the one you use every day) or a washcloth, wipe the scuff and voila! Your floor is back to all of its former glory.

And then there are always the options you can find at the grocery store. While they’re a bit more intense and should be used very carefully, they’re also very effective for tougher to remove scuffs. While you’re in the cleaning aisle, consider picking up fine steel wool or a Magic Eraser. Steel wool should only be used in situations with the hardest to get rid of scuffs, as it can be abrasive and damage your floor if used incorrectly. Similarly, a Magic Eraser is extremely useful, but it can dull your floors if used too often.

Scuff marks can be annoying, but they don’t have to be a forever problem. Just follow these tips and you can soon find yourself living scuff-free in your home!

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