Whether you are building a new home or looking to remodel, choosing flooring may be on your list of things to-do. Buying carpet is something people don’t do often, typically because you only go through the floor buying process a few times. So, when it comes to buying carpet, it is easy to get mixed up on what you should consider. Keep reading as we discuss common mistakes many people make when buying carpet and what you should consider.



If a carpet has a higher face weight, don’t just assume that it is better than a carpet with a lower one. This is an easy assumption to make since we usually consider things with a higher number to be greater in value. When it comes to carpet, there are many factors to consider other than weight.



Keep in mind that it’s often what you can’t see that makes the world of a difference. So, while it may be easier and more tempting to skip out on purchasing underpads, it will make the world of a difference in your carpet and its wear and tear. Plus, it will keep it looking better for a longer period of time.


Calculating Square Footage

Calculating the square footage in carpet is more difficult than just calculating the square footage of your room. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, like the width of the roll. So, be sure to show your measurements to a salesperson for the most accurate measurements.



One major thing to take into consideration when choosing carpet is your lifestyle. For instance, if you have multiple pets you will need a higher quality carpet than someone who lives alone. You may want a carpet color that is less likely to show pet hair or one that hides dirt rather than one that will show everything.


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