Getting new floors installed can seem tedious. With endless options, there are also so many trends that are sure to leave your floors looking new and inviting for years to come. Let your floors do the talking and learn about the different types and styles of trending flooring products we offer. All our flooring pieces are available to choose for installation.

Hardwood Floors

There is no doubt that wood is a must-have classic. Its unique in its colors, species and high moisture levels. Oak is the most popular type of wood, is trendy and truly a show stopper for a look to be remembered. Finishing the wood to your desired gloss and pattern adds an extra elevation for a design that stands out from traditional hardwood flooring.  

Laminate Flooring

Give the illusion of real wood or stone without breaking your bank. The laminate flooring works as vinyl and is a trendy subject for its looks and easy maintenance. Feel up to standards with new designs that look the part. There is no missing out on original material as this style has longevity due to its durability.

Marble Design

Marble is simply the “new black”. Known for its luxurious and elegant look, you are sure to wow your guests with your floors or backsplash in your bathroom. The beauty of this pattern and style is sleek yet modern and is easy to clean. Many prefer to emphasize other neutral colors by adding a pop of color through marble. This marble piece works wonders in making your home look like a million bucks.

Carpet Flooring  

If you prefer comfort, carpet is your calling. Known for its’ soft textures, this type of flooring adds so much warmth, especially for colder climate states. With proper care, you are sure to create an allergy-free zone environment. Carpet is also trending not only for bedrooms but also for business/office use due to its silent blocking sound. Forever gone are those loud noisy footsteps. Create a cozy feel for your employers who will be sure to thank you for the kind upgrade.

Rather you’re going for a farmhouse, contemporary or industrial look, the options on the type and style of flooring are endless. We suggest you take your time to look at your options and choose flooring that will fit your needs. After all, it will be an investment you make for years to come. Whatever your vision, we provide trendy products and advice on which materials would work best for the look and feel you are going for. We are here to help and make your installation a breeze.

Schedule a consultation with our professionals at W&W Flooring and Design today. Call us at (251) 970-5244 or e-mail at or visit us at our location on 8158 Highway 59 Suite 101 Foley, Alabama 36535. Be sure to bring measurements of the rooms you would like to shop for and visual aids such as colors to keep your vision alive!