Tile, Marble, And Stone Showers And Surrounds

Everybody remembers the fiberglass one-piece surrounds of the 80’s and 90’s. At the time, they were the height of fashion; sleek, smooth, and they included integrated shelves for all the items you needed. Everybody ripped out their tile and put in these modern marvels. Thirty years later, there are new waves on the pond. Nothing is more individualistic than the myriad of choices available when one decides to install some sort of rock.

Design Options

Regardless of your design style, you will have more options than you will want to sift through. Tile, marble, and stone make up the largest group of choices you could possibly have, and narrowing it down could take a while. You may be able to start by eliminating categories, such as smooth or textured, large or small, rough or finished, marbled or veined or single color, and contrasting or complementary. By starting with those options, you can find the groups of stone that will speak to you. Will you want accents, or just a single stone in your shower or surround? Once your base choice is made, it is time to find the pieces which will make it yours: the accents and trim.

If you like modern, find a beautiful, smooth stone with hints of color, and put together accent tiles in the same color family. You may want to run a ribbon through the area, or integrate the colors into the total scheme. Make it your own.

If you think industrial is the way to go, then find a brushed finish, large stone with minimal work done to it, and build around that. Find some glass or metal tiles to accent with, and use exposed pipework for the faucets and showerhead.

Or you might decide to go for a beachy feel. This is very trendy right now, and so easy to accomplish. Pebble tile for your feet, and sand colored tiles on the wall, possibly with some blue and green accents, and you will feel like you have arrived.

For a spa environment, go all out for the luxurious finishes. Marble tiles, with rich colorful accent trims will make you feel pampered. Large tiles will relax your mind and make the space feel large. Add brushed nickel, elegant sweeping faucets, and find an attractive accent stone, possibly in a rough texture to break up the travel of the eyes and give a focal point. Metal and glass will give a clean feeling.

If rustic is your vibe, you may be very surprised at the level of choices you will have. Rough cuts and textures will bring the rustic feeling, and you could even find stone that looks like wood if you desire. Accent tiles will dress up the rustic feeling with excitement. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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