Tile, Stone, and Marble Installation

The multifunctional, anywhere, any-place flooring

Tile, stone, and marble flooring can be placed throughout your home or business. You can choose to go for exceptional mosaic patterns, or keep it clean and modern with an understated arrangement. This type of flooring says that you respect classic designs with a modern twist.

Update Or Renovate With The Best, Long-Lasting Options!

One of the largest categories of flooring, this group of flooring styles can be intimidating. Not only are there different stones shaped into different types of tiles, with different finishes, but you can even combine them into interesting looks. You may want to define areas with borders, or set designs in different colors. Stone can be as simple and uncomplicated as you like, or as complex as any design you can conceive.

Stone flooring is one of the oldest types of floor, coming in a close second behind dirt. Basically, it was the first flooring material, and dates back to Greco-Roman times. Many of the ruins still show original stone floors. How is that for durability?

For ease of care, you won’t find anything better. In most cases, a quick dusting and a damp mop are all that are needed to keep these floors nice. If you select one of the more porous floors, such as limestone, and you use it in a high traffic area, you may consider using a sealer on an annual or biennial basis to help repel spills. Compare that to other types of floors requiring special cleaners and processes.

Because it is non-porous, you can be assured that no allergens, pet dander or dust will be staying around once you clean.

Selecting a rough finish will also give you some traction, making it a good choice for younger children and older seniors.

Still On The Fence?

  • As for long-lasting beauty, even pets and children won’t be able to hurt your stone, tile, or marble flooring. It may be even more beautiful in a few years than it was when installed, as the patina develops.
  • Whether you begin with your budget, and search by price, or begin with a design style, and go from there, you will be overwhelmed at the numerous choices which will assail your senses. It could take a few days to narrow down your final pick, as you will surely have many which will appeal to you.
  • Choices in this category include limestone, slate, marble, granite, and travertine. You may find these in honed, tumbled, brushed or polished finishes, and you may find them in sizes from very small to huge. This is why choosing can be so difficult. We absolutely have what you need, and our team will help you choose the best option from our large selection.
  • Are you looking for a sleek, modern look? Find something in a stable color pallet, such as a silver or slate color, with few variations. Look for a highly-polished finish for added sheen and go with a larger tile – placing it horizontal to keep it simple and clean.
  • Is industrial chic your thing? Try our largest tiles, in a single-color theme, and then decide if you want a rustic, vintage element, or a modern appeal. Let the finish of your tile determine the age of your look.
  • Is a rustic Tuscan villa more to your liking? Begin by searching for a rough tumbled tile in more abstract shapes. You might want to use more veined stones, in varying colors for a true “old world” approach.
  • Does a Spanish hacienda feel more like your style? We have selections which will bring that feel to mind immediately. You may want to look at a brick sized tile which can be laid in herringbone or offset patterns.
  • For every style, there are hundreds of options. You may also want to consider whether you plan to use stone throughout the home for a continuous look that ties it all together, or only plan to do one area of the home.
  • You may want to consider bringing your color samples, fabric swatches, and any other interior hues you have, and coming in to see us. We can help you decide between several options, then you can make your final decision much easier. We can work with your design, style and personality.
  • Our expert staff will be happy to show you many stone tiles that will work with your plan, and we can arrange to have them installed as well. We can advise on techniques if you are interested in doing it yourself, and will also give you details on after care of your new installation. Give us a call, and let us help you turn your vision into a reality.