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There are many reasons to consider carpet as your flooring choice. Today, with the millions of flooring options, carpet has the softest appeal. There is not a tile or wood floor made with the feeling of carpet and it welcomes you every time you step out of bed or kick off your shoes after a long day at work. Plush and warm, carpet offers a sensual experience and a homey feeling. It also quiets the noise in a home. Its cushioning and non-slip texture are benefits for families with young children or seniors. It also lessens joint impact, which is a benefit for many of us.

Why Choose Carpet Flooring

Soft & Luxurious

diamond - Carpet Installation Foley AL-A soft luxurious floor covering that is comfortable to walk, sit and lay on. It feels great below bare feet.


coin of dollar - Carpet Installation Foley AL-Carpet offer a less expensive option compared to tile and wood floors. Installation is less expensive for carpet flooring as well.

Child Friendly

children - Carpet Installation Foley AL-Carpeting offers a child friendly flooring that won’t cause slips and falls. Falls on carpet are easier on their little bodies than harder surfaces.  


heating black tool - Carpet Installation Foley AL-Carpet Flooring acts like a blanket beneath your feet. This helps carpeting be just about the most comfortable flooring available.


choices - Carpet Installation Foley AL-Carpet comes in many types, textures, colors or styles. From shag to nylon to acrylic there’s a texture or type for each room.

Sound Deadening

speaker - Carpet Installation Foley AL-A major complaint about harder flooring is that they are loud. When installed on upper levels, people below often complain that they can hear every footstep.

Pro Tip –

  • If you are not sure what type of flooring you are going to purchase, you may want to bring any visual aids you may have, i.e pillows, bedspreads, and paint colors.
  • Have the measurements for the rooms that you are considering for new flooring with you when shopping.

Most carpets are relatively inexpensive when compared to other options, so affordability is a plus. Since carpet can be installed over most surfaces, including concrete, it is a good choice to hide flaws in the original floors. If you expect to get a long life from your carpet, put down the best padding you can get. A very good investment, the correct padding will even out abnormalities of the substrate and allow correct air flow, which will help in many ways, including allowing proper cleaning.

Did you know carpets retain warmth? Not only do they feel kinder on your feet, but they actually insulate the room, which may result in a 5% decrease in heating bills over the same room with other flooring options. This can benefit both indoor and outdoor spaces, or even a sun room.

When selecting your carpet, remember that your first consideration is traffic. You want to choose a carpet that will hold up well in busy areas. A family room with “paths” to other areas will need a different carpet than a master bedroom, where minimal time is spent. In an area such as the family room, select a highly durable carpet such as a texture or frieze style. Cable, loop, and cut & loop are all very durable styles, as well. The master bedroom is a perfect place for a soft and luxurious Saxony, which is not as durable.

Just as there are many styles of carpet, there are also many origins. The oldest and one of the most durable is wool. If you are a person who tends to want natural products, this is for you. A natural and sustainable fabric, wool is expensive, and worth the cost.

Nylon is a man-made material and comprises over 60% of the carpets in the United States. It is strong and water-resistant, making it a good choice for active families with small children or pets.

There are also several man-made materials which are making strides in cornering the market recently. Polyester, PTT, and Polypropylene are three of the most common. All three have great stain resistance and texture retention. Although none are extremely durable, these rugs are color fast and their selling point is the vibrant color and staying power of the dyes over time.

Commercial carpet is also specially made for offices and businesses alike. Why not something you would want to sit on, it’s tougher, stronger and more durable for foot traffic and office furniture. Often you can find this type of carpet in unique patterns and it is usually priced as a great deal.

The lifespan of your carpet choice will depend largely on how you care for it. We will help you chose the correct style for your needs, and you can expect to get ten years from your expenditure. However, there are some things you can do to extend that number. Purchase a quality vacuum cleaner and use it often. Learn to use the vacuum properly, including regular changing of the bag and filter if it has one. Adjust the intake or beater bar to the correct height to brush through the carpet. Do not rush through the vacuuming of your carpets. Allow the vacuum to do its job. A properly cleaned carpet is not a risk for allergens, and in fact, carpets grab and hold the dust stirred up in a room, releasing them when the carpet is cleaned.

Be sure to place runners and mats to clean feet and shoes at entrances. Shampoo your carpets twice a year for best results. Once you have chosen your carpet and had it installed, write down all the basic information such as manufacturer and padding selections. Keep this information in case you ever have a warranty issue.

If you are seeking flooring, whether for a residential or commercial setting, please bring your measurements and other information you may have including color samples, and come see one of our designers for assistance in developing a sample palette from which to make your final choices. We will be happy to help you select your floors, then order and install them for you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you replace or install new flooring.