Why Buy Your Hardwood Flooring in Foley, AL from us?

You’re Buying from a company that cares!

People shop with us because we are knowledgeable, but more importantly, because we always look out for their best interest and truly care about our customers. We want to partner with customers to solve whatever problem they are facing. It is not about flooring as much as it is about creating life long relationships with people. Our goal is to go out to our customer in their own space and partner with them in designing and planning for their flooring using their furniture, art work, colors, space style and more to find what will fit best for their situation. We also use the newest technology in our design, measure, and estimating that creates a unique and thorough experience while saving time for the customer.

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We offer the best choices in Hardwood Flooring for Foley, AL.


Do you like solid hardwood construction? Engineered? Both have benefits. In our Gulf Coast region, engineered wood is an excellent choice because of our high moisture levels.


Differing wood species each have their own unique attributes ranging from color, to hardness to photosensitivity. With choices ranging from traditional oaks, domestic exotic woods and foreign species, we have something to achieve the look you’re going for. We have Foley, AL’s largest selection of hardwood including cherry, hickory, maple and oak. Samples are available.


Plank color, width, grain pattern, all these can vastly affect the look of your home. This is exactly why we offer a wide variety of colors, glosses and plank widths in the wood that we sell. We have a large selection of light and dark, wide and narrow plank options so that you can create the unique atmosphere you’ve been envisioning.

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