When selecting the right tile for your home it is important to consider the options you have for your space. While you may love the look of natural stone, will it work in a room that is prone to moisture? Not all tile may be the adequate choice for your project. You can’t go wrong with selecting either a natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile for your home. They all provide beauty and function but you want to make you choose the correct tile for your space.

Natural Stones
There is a reason why this the premier choice for the homeowner. Its beauty takes thousands if not, millions of years to take shape. Each piece tells a different story leading more and more homeowners turning toward using this eco-friendly material. It’s sturdy enough to be used in nearly every room of your home and does not have a slippery texture like ceramic or porcelain.
Natural stones such as granite, travertine, sandstone and limestone are good conductors of heat and can be easily installed over radiant heating. Stone flooring is also a natural coolant can keep help keep areas of your home cool in the summer months.
However, selecting natural stone may break the bank. It is more expensive than other tile options and it can be costly to maintain. You will need to use a sealing agent and reseal the stone yearly in order to prevent scratches, stains and water damage.

A more cost-effective choice is ceramic tile. It is manufactured using a clay baking process and will have a protective glaze applied to its surface. This will help prevent the ceramic from staining and water absorption. Ceramic is extremely durable and less prone to cracks and breakage.
If you do choose ceramic, keep in mind the texture as it will cause a more slippery surface when it comes in contact with water. The grout lines will also need to be sealed in order to prevent water absorption which can lead to mold growth.

Another tile option is ceramic’s cousin, porcelain. Made from a thicker clay and fired at higher temperatures, porcelain is denser than ceramic because it has fewer air pockets. It is less susceptible to everyday wear and tear and does not require any special sealing to prevent water absorption.
Even though porcelain has proven itself to be more durable than most tiles, repairs are more costly due to the dense nature of the material. It is also more expensive than regular ceramic tile can difficult to install.

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