Tile flooring is a popular choice for homeowners these days. It comes in a variety of surfaces including porcelain and ceramic. It is durable and easy to maintain, but it is important to focus on keeping the grout clean and looking fresh.

Apply a Sealant

If you have tile on your countertops or tile flooring chances are it will come in contact with liquids causing possible stains. Sealing your grout will help keep water or other contaminants from seeping in and staining the grout. A sealant will also make it easier to clean your floors and countertops since you will spend less time scrubbing the grout.

Limit Your Hot Showers

We all enjoy a nice, long hot shower but the grout in a tiled shower stall is extremely susceptible to the warm moist air. Mold and mildew thrive in environments with excessive moisture and humidity. Not only is mildew in grout lines unsightly, it could also make you and your family very sick. Use a squeegee to wipe the moisture off the tiles and grout after each shower. Running an exhaust fan will remove humidity from the air and prevent moisture from getting into the grout. If your exhaust fan does not keep steam from fogging up the bathroom mirror, it is not doing its job properly.

Clean Regularly and Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

We all know mopping your tile floors is essential to keeping them clean but sweeping and vacuuming regularly also play a big part well. Dirt and debris left on the floor can mix with mop water and make a dirty mess for the grout if it is not sealed. The back and forth motion of a mop pushes the solution into the grout lines causing them to brown and you’ve created another job in itself! It is best to sweep thoroughly and then use the “bare floor” setting on your vacuum to remove remaining debris. Use a mild cleaning product specially made for tile floors. Some products also come with a spray bottle and can easily be wiped off by using a damp mop.

Clean any spills on your tile countertops as soon as it occurs. Grout is extremely porous and the longer a liquid substance sits on the grout the more likely it will stain. Use a grout cleaner and a brush to remove built-up stains in the lines.

Avoid using harsh cleaning substances such bleach as this will strip away any water repellency. The grout could erode over time and may ultimately need re-grouting.

Call the Pros

When installing your tile opt to have the company apply a seal to your grout. This will eliminate the need of having to do it later. If your home has tile previously installed, a professional cleaning company has the tools and materials needed for bigger, tougher jobs.

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