Pine flooring is becoming more and more popular. Pine trees grow much more quickly than other types of trees. For this reason choosing pine flooring is thought to be a more environmentally friendly option.

Besides being “green,” knotty pine floors are beautiful in any home with any decor. However, they are more high maintenance. They are a softer wood compared to oak and other hard wood used in flooring. If you choose to go with knotty pine floors in your home you will need to take special care to keep them looking their best.

Maintaining knotty pine floors takes special care.

“Previously loved” knotty pine floors
If you inherit your pine flooring, take heart. Older worn pine flooring can be refinished to its original luster with a little TLC. Most likely the finish has worn off if it was originally finished with a thicker varnish. Or, a lighter wax or varnish was used in the beginning. In either case, it is probably time to give it a new coat. You’ll need to strip the flooring with care and refinish it with a thicker polyurethane.

New knotty pine floors
In new construction pine flooring is often a top choice of homeowners. It’s versatile and stands the test of time. Pine flooring does take a beating, though. If you have new pine flooring you may begin to notice dings and scratches pretty soon.

Here are seven causes of scratches and dents in pine flooring:

High heeled shoes
Long pet toenails
Kitchen chair legs scraping
Table legs scratching
Childrens’ hard toys against the floor
Sports cleats/other hard-soled shoes
Dirt and sand being tracked inside the house.

With the above list in mind, the first thing to do is preventive care. Clip and keep trimmed your pet’s toenails. Dogs especially need tending to keep their toenails from scratching the soft pine.
Buy rugs for high traffic areas. Place them with rug mats underneath to keep the rugs from slipping. Spend time putting pads underneath all furniture legs. Finally, make it a new habit to remove shoes before tracking dirt and sand inside the house.

A set of baskets outside common entryways encourages everyone to take their shoes off before tracking dirt and sand onto that pretty floor.

Once you’ve taken all precautions to prevent dings and scratches and put a nice new varnish on your pine flooring, you can easily keep it looking its best. Sweep often to gather dust, sand and dirt that might go unseen. From a flooring or big box home store, buy floor cleaner made especially for pine or soft woods. These require milder chemicals than some other types of wood. You also want to make sure your cleaner does not eat through your new varnish layer. Use a soft mop to apply this cleaner at least once a month for a thorough mopping throughout the house. Keep in mind even pet hair can cause fine scratches in knotty pine so you’ll want to mop regularly.

With these simple steps you’ll keep your knotty pine floors looking their best year round.

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