Most homes have at least one room that feels cramped. You can easily make a room look larger by choosing the right flooring. The best news is that this rule applies to most any design taste and budget.

If you’re considering new flooring to visually expand your space,

take a look at these 5 flooring tips.  

Tip 1: Choose planks over strips

Plank flooring is 7.5 cm wide or larger. Strips are much narrower which can make a room appear smaller. Choose plank flooring and lay it beginning with the longest wall of your home. Run parallel to this wall for a larger feeling. You won’t believe the difference! Planks are readily available now in both beautiful hardwoods and sturdy hardwood-look ceramic tiles. Some designs are in very large planks while others are slightly bigger than the standard plank at 7.5 cm. The choice really depends on your taste and design goals. Very large ceramic tiles can lend to a beachy feel in the home. Standard plank dark hardwood gives a lovely classic design touch. Put your personal mark on it and make your room expand right before your eyes.

Tip 2: Consistency is key

If your home has an open floor plan, keep the flooring consistent throughout. This can be tricky when rooms serve different functions. For example, kitchens that run into dens may present a dilemma. But your best best is to choose flooring that serves all your needs in terms of function, lifestyle, traffic considerations and resale plans. Many flooring choices fit the bill for any room. Once you make that choice, keep it consistent in these open plans. The entire space will appear dramatically larger.

Tip 3: Go with larger tiles

If your choices are being narrowed down to ceramic tile, then opt for larger ones. The standard tile size is 300 mm. Go with tiles larger than the standard to visually enhance the space size. Then, use minimal grout for a very small grout line as well as rectified edges. Larger tiles were used in this bathroom remodel. The homeowner loved it and you can see what a huge difference larger tiles make.

Tip 4: Coordinate flooring and walls

A good design rule of thumb to remember: cool colors recede and warm colors advance. Use this rule to coordinate your flooring with your wall color in small spaces to make them appear larger. Dark hardwoods in large planks (see tip #1!) married with cool wall and trim colors can work wonders for a small space to double it in visual size.

Tip 5: Lay on the diagonal

If you are installing hardwood, tile, laminate or stone lay them on the diagonal in your room. Installing flooring on the diagonal will make a room appear about double the actual size.

Remember with any flooring project, preparation is key. Get a quick refresher here.

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